Looking Back…Moving Forward with Purpose

imageI can’t believe 2013 is coming to a close.

It hardly seems possible. Time really does fly.

Celebrated more birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Enjoyed a family vacation to Florida. Said sad goodbyes to loved ones.

Sewed. Sewed a lot. Then sewed some more. Started Full of Grace Boutique.

Enjoyed selling to some really great people. Enjoyed giving even more.

Invested time.

Sweet, precious time.

Looking back, it was a good year. Another year, full of days, that I was blessed to take another breath. To get another good morning kiss from my husband. To see my son, transforming before my very eyes, into a young man. To smell the sweetness of my 3 year old girl, fresh from her bubbly bath. I’m blessed, there is no doubt about it.

Moving forward, full of hope, into 2014. What will it bring? That, I’m not positive. Only God knows. But I am moving forward with a purpose. And that is to invest my time, my precious time, into my faith and family. It’s what I’m called to do. I’m a wife and a mother, before anything else. When my kids think of what is most important to their mom,  I want their answer to be…”ME, I AM!!” Not…”hmm..sewing maybe?”.

I’ve been asking myself, what do they see me do with my time?..Do I turn on the tv? The computer? The sewing machine? My phone?

Or…do I sit and play a game with them. Play dolls with Grace. Do a puzzle with Austin. Read a book to them.

I know the answer…and more times than not, it’s not what I want it to be.

So..I’m moving forward with PURPOSE. Purpose and a lot of PRAYER.

Will I still sew? Of course.

Will it be frequently? Probably not.

Will I still sell? No.

Will I still give? Yes.

Will I ignore any time for myself? Umm no.

Will MOST of my time be spent on my family? Yes. And happily so.

Praying for a purposeful year. A God honoring year. A New Year.

Happy 2014!!


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