Lalaloopsy Love ~ Peanut Big Top Rag Doll

Peanut Doll

Isn’t she cute?

I’ve been wanting to make Grace a Lalaloopsy doll FOR EV ER. The store bought ones are cute and all, but come on. These are supposed to be RAG DOLLS. Rag dolls are sewn. With love.

So, when I found this adorable doll pattern over at Dolls and Daydreams , I knew it would be perfect!! Her dolls are amazing. Excellent instructions and endless possibilities. With a few minor changes, you can easily make yourself…err, your girl, a Lalaloopsy doll. 😉

Grace loves this doll. It was intended to be a Christmas gift..but I couldn’t resist giving it to her this morning when she woke up. And it was worth it, because she loves it and instantly knew it was Peanut. ❤

Peanut 3

Peanut 2

These are perfect gifts, you need to make some. 🙂


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