DIY Boot Cuffs

Boot Warmers


Can you take the cuteness of these little legs wearing these warm and fuzzy boot warmers?? If you have an old sweater..(I happened to have one that might have been a little too small…boo) then you can make these!! Just a few steps and some very basic sewing!


1. Cut off the sleeves, using the cuff of the sleeve for the top of the warmer.

2. Fold the sweater under where you just cut, and zig zag stitch that puppy down. Or else it will unravel you won’t have a boot cuff for very long. 😉

3. Sew your favorite button on.

4. Slap on your favorite boots (or your girls) and TADA!! You look amazing.


I used a small sweater, so I didn’t have to adjust the fit at all. They fit my 3 year old legs perfectly. Larger sweaters would be perfect for mom. I’m making myself some next.


Also…if this is just too much for you to tackle….in other words you don’t have a sewing machine, I am going to be listing some super cute boot cuffs in my Etsy shop soon too!  They won’t be recycled, but they will be completely adorable, affordable, cuteness for your bootness. Hehe.

Here is a sneak peak..

Boot Cuffs for Sale


I’ll have some to match items in my shop, and some just for every day…navy, mustard, ivory, black, grey. 🙂

Happy Fall ya’ll!!


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