Little Review of the Disco Party Dress Pattern, by Ainslee FOX Boutique Patterns

Hey all!! It’s been a “little” while since I’ve blogged. 😉 But I’m back today to share a really great pattern!!

This is the Disco Party Dress, by Ainslee Fox Handmade.

This pattern is considered intermediate, and I would say that is accurate. It has some hand sewing, and it calls for either a button closure or zipper. Now, I’m normally the first person to choose button, or even shy away from a pattern because of even the WORD zipper. 😉 But I bit the bullet on this one, and went with the zipper. I am SO glad I did. I had never sewn a zipper into a dress, and this gave really great directions. I have nothing to compare it to, but I thought her method of installing the zipper was wonderful, very smooth.

The dress took me around 3 hours to finish, that was with hand sewing the lining down to skirt and zipper.

I wanted to try the pattern again, without any hand sewing. (I do enjoy hand sewing, but it isn’t always feasible for me…because I’m lazy) So, I made it again, and machine sewed the lining down, on the skirt and the zipper. I was please with this way as well, but I do think hand sewing gives it a much better look, with out the stitches showing and all.

Dress made with NO hand stitching, please ignore the fact I haven’t top stitched the bodice yet. 😉

Overall, I was so very pleased with this pattern. It was excellently written, had great pictures, I learned several new sewing tricks I wasn’t aware of, and it’s ADORABLE.

One thing that I loved was when printing out the pattern pieces, was several pieces were on their own piece of paper. Meaning I didn’t have to tape 12 pieces together because the tiny bodice was spread across 4 pieces of paper. Grr..I’m not a fan of that. So…I love the printing and cutting of this pattern, it went very quickly.

So, while this my be intermediate, I think an advanced beginner could nail it, no problem.

Great pattern, and can’t wait for more!!


3 thoughts on “Little Review of the Disco Party Dress Pattern, by Ainslee FOX Boutique Patterns

  1. Great review and great work!! Adorable dress! And, Grace looks like she was having an exceptionally great hair day in these photos! Perfect little curls!! ❤

  2. Awesome review and great job – I love both dresses so much, now I just need to make one for my baby girl… I;m thinking with a cropped sweater and tights it will last through fall and winter!!!

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