Double Ruffle Denim ~ Princess Pants

I’ve been eyeing the adorable jeans over at Persnickety since they came out.

In love with them, I am.

But, I haven’t bought them…yet. 😉 So, today I decided to take a stab at a knock off version. So for $10 bucks, I did just that. 🙂 I did these without a pattern, so they aren’t perfect, but they will certainly get the job done. I even used one of my cute little tags finally. 😉 Grace loves them, she calls them princess pants. Hence, the post title. Apparently anything with ruffles indicates princess-worthiness in her eyes. ❤

Check ’em out! They will look really cute with a lot of her new Matilda Jane shirts and tunics. And I can’t wait to pair her new Leighton Military Boots with these when they come in!! Woo-hoo!! My daughter officially dresses better than me, and I’m totally cool with that!

My little tag 🙂

So, there they are! Not bad for 10 bucks and an afternoon at the sewing machine. 🙂


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