Clothing Tags

So, I saw on Pinterest a FABULOUS idea for making clothing tags. 😀  You can see that here.  I’ll be honest and tell you that I didn’t really follow her tutorial, I just got the gist of it and started making them. It’s SUPER easy, and they turn out really professional looking in my opinion.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Iron on transfer Paper, I used this.

Ribbon for your tag, mine was a larger than I wanted, as you’ll see in the pics, but it’s all they had in the color I wanted.



Now, as far as making your actually logo or “label”, I used photoshop.

You will notice that my printed tag is not this color, and that’s because my printer STINKS and was low on ink. BUT, I kept it, because I actually liked it better. 😉

You could use word also.  I used word to put all my logo pictures in to print onto my transfer paper.

Labels ready for print on transfer paper

Really you can use anything, depending on how crafty you want to get. It was easy for me to do in photoshop because I was able to “reverse” my image right in photoshop, saving me from the headache of figuring out my printer settings to flip/reverse image. (which, I still haven’t figured out.) Here are some two sided tags, props to my mom for the laundering instructions idea. 🙂

Two sided tag before image flip/reversal, and as you can see the bottom half is upside down. This will be the the back of the tag, once folded in half. 🙂

It took me a few times of printing some black and white samples to get the sizing right. Once I had it where I wanted, I was ready to print on my transfer paper.

After printing on my paper, I cut out all my individual tags so they will be ready to iron on as needed. I ironed on about  a dozen to have on hand, if I had more time, I would have done them all at once.

Now, all you gotta do is iron onto your ribbon. Just make sure it’s iron safe. Mine was polyester and did just fine. I cut strips of about 5 inches long for my tags, but it’ll just depend on the size of your ribbon and logo. Just make sure to leave enough for sewing into your seam.  I simply followed the directions on the Avery package and it worked perfectly.

Now, my dear mother had an even better idea. And it’ll save you having to buy the ribbon…Just iron the tag right into your garment..and you will have a “tag-less” tag!! 😀 My tags are too light currently to stick directly on her clothes, but I’m gonna make some up that will show up nice and good and give it a try.

Here are the finished tags:

One sided sizing tag
Double sided tag

If you need any help with any of this, as this was clearly not an exhaustive tutorial, let me know and I’ll tell you exactly how I did it. 🙂

Have fun making these, they are darling!!


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