Few New Projects

Quick little post here.  The last two things I’ve made Grace.. she doesn’t dig. 😉  Guess I’m gonna have to buy all purple fabric. Ha!  I did a repeat last week of the cute little bubble tank and ruffle pants from LilyGiggle. And then today, I did a version of the Marissa Peasant dress from Create Kids Couture.  I’m too lazy to link the patterns here right now.  :p I modified the pattern today,  by adding a ruffle on the bodice and making 3/4 sleeves. And I left the ruffle off the bottom. It turned out pretty cute. She of course hates it!  Ha! 

Oh yeah.. I also made a fantastic sewing table for my sewing room.  It has made my sewing so much easier. Saw the idea on pinterest of course.. But instead of a regular table,  I made the top a ironing pad also.  It’s just perfect,  I really love it.  Two bookcases for 15 bucks a piece,  and a table top from ikea for 25. Not too shabby for a counter height sewing center. 😀

Here are some pics.. I’ll come back later when I have more time and update links to the table tutorial if anyone cares. 🙂







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