Giveaway Winner!!

Alrighty, time to announce the winner for the Giveaway of the Large Buttercup Bag:


Comment number 25 was the lucky winner….Stacy E.


Here is Stacy’s comment:




You are doing so amazing with all this stuff Nichole!! The purse is awesome! I can’t leave the phone without my cell phone or my chap stick, but I can buy chapstick if I forget it so I am going to stick to my cell phone :) Thanks for the giveaway!


Thanks for entering Stacy…and I agree, I would stick with my cell phone too! 😉

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and checking out my first giveaway! I had a lot of fun doing and hearing from some super talented ladies!! What a fantastic way to get introduced to some great new blogs! 🙂

I think the top three “must have items”..were:

1. Cell Phone

2. Chap Stick

3. Diapers

Ha!! That was in no way an accurate top three….but I bet it was pretty close! 😉 Hands down our little phones were number one though!

Okay…hope everyone is having a wonderful memorial day weekend!! And Stacy…I will get your bag made and shipped to you by the 1st of June!!

And remember…if you just LOVE the bag and really want it…I can always make more. 😉

Thanks again!!




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