It’s been a BUSY weekend!!

What a crazy weekend this has been!! Good crazy, mostly…but crazy none the less. Friday night, I was invited over to my friend Nikki’s house to help celebrate her birthday! It was a fun night and I got to enjoy some great food!! Great ribs!! MMmmm. 🙂 I’m so thankful to have her in my life, she has really become a wonderful friend over the past couple of years. <;3 I wanted to make her something for her gift so I decided to make her a bag…of course, right? 😉 Hopefully she will get some use out of it…I made it so she could hopefully sling it across herself while she is lugging her three kiddo's around! 😉 A mom needs 10 hands, and sometimes she doesn't have a spare hand to hold a purse! ha! The bag I made was the The Rachel Bag again…I’m gonna have to contact the lovely lady at though, there are some parts to this pattern than just don’t make sense. I’m sure it’s me ;), so hopefully she can help me out some! After some adjustments along the way, I finished the bag for her in time for her party…phew! ha!


So, that was Friday…and Adam couldn’t make it to the party and Austin was staying at his grandparents, so it was just me and Grace. I was kind of bummed but I should have known better. It’s getting to be that time of year where the hubs works A LOT. 😦 I know he was disappointed too that he missed it! Next time..hopefully!! 🙂

Yesterday, Saturday, we went for a fish fry over to Jerry and Amie’s house. More wonderful food…she made two different kinds of double baked potatoes and they were equally awesome! (of course I had to have one of each.) I got some baby snuggles in too…which was so sweet. They have a little 5 month old boy, ash. (pumpkin) 😉 He is ADORABLE!! Kash is the youngest of FIVE kids….Amie is a saint, truly! I had a really great time visiting with her and look forward to doing it again! Hopefully soon. 🙂 She want’s to learn how to sew, and I know she can do it, she is super duper creative. And has excellent taste…I can help her sew and she can help me “create”. 🙂 We had a late night and I remember why we don’t ever do that anymore….one word…..GRACE. She didn’t sleep AT ALL last night. Everytime we are gone from the house for an evening…she is up all night. Quite literally. Poor thing! Her and Daddy are napping, and I should be too, but of course I’m not tired “right now”. See me at 5:00…it’ll be a different story I’m sure.

So, today we were supposed to go to church and then have a fellowship meal afterwards. 😦 Bummer we missed it….we are laying low instead. Nobody could really function this morning, and coffee wasn’t cutting it. Who ever was in the nursery today, surely would be thankful that Grace WASN’T. 😉

And oh yeah, I’m just kind of rambling on and on right now, if you are reading this I apologize…must be the no sleep. BUT.. I finally got a few items on Etsy. 🙂 Just gonna slowly try and post some stuff on there, if it sells, it sells. I mainly wanted to get them up there because there are a few people that want some stuff, and Etsy makes it easy for the transaction. 🙂 Feels kinda weird having something for sale, hopefully before too long I can have a decent amount of items in the shop.

One last thing…I promise, then I’m outta here! 😉 Last night I was laying in bed…awake of course, and couldn’t stop thinking about sewing some “stretch knit” fabric next. (Amie and I were talking about it last night and she was wondering if it would be difficult.) The only thing I have made with stretch knit, was some leggings for Grace. I do have a twin needle, which makes sewing stretch fabric a lot easier. Also, I have the serger now, so I thought maybe that would help too. So, I was laying there thinking about what I have in my closet that I could dismember and use to make Grace a tank top with. I have a tank top that I love how it fits…and I thought that I could probably duplicate it somehow for Grace, or at least try. ANYWAY, this morning and started searching my closet and found a maternity night gown of all things. HA! Down to the sewing room I went and started working on cutting out a pattern. It took me a little bit to picture just how I needed to cut it out, but in the end I actually did it right! It worked!! Sorry, I was pretty stoked about that because it’s the first time I’ve done anything like that! I’m kind of a pattern girl, so to go off on my own is strange territory. But it was fun and turned out decent enough. 😉 I happened to have like 2000 yards of continuous white bias tape still, so I just used that for my arms and the braided straps. It would have been much better with some white jersey knit or something, but this morning I wasn’t being picky. I did use my serger on the seams, and had no problem with that. It worked perfect. Later, I’m going to either add some shirring to the waist or some elastic, not sure yet. Or quite possibly, I will be lazy and not do anything else to it! 😉 It’s pretty cute how it is, but if I make myself one, which I plan on it…I will put a band at the bottom. Here is the giant pregnant lady pajamas turned toddler tank top! 😉



Also, the purple flower pin is my horrible attempt at a fabric flower. And it’s a rip off of the adorable flower’s that Amie makes…she tried to tell me last night how she did them. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention! 😉 I don’t plan on making flowers of this sort, because they are her awesome creation..but I only had slim pickins of purple fabric from the night gown, so I thought it would be the best route to try. Also, for some reason the camera was making the binding have a yellow tint to it…which it doesn’t at all. It’s stark white. :p

Okay, I promised that was the last thing I was gonna say, and just in the nick of time, I hear Grace!! ….And now I feel sleepy. 😉


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