Distressing Jean Hems

Okay, so this might not be blog worthy, but I thought it was just too cool not to share!! I have been in need of some capris, so today I decided to “convert” some jeans that were way too long anyway! πŸ˜‰ Okay fine, good and dandy but the new hem just looks SOOO…hemmed. :/

Here is where the fun part comes in..I found Adams Dremel tool in the garage, (after some serious digging!!) and went to town! (see pics below, I have no idea what a person actually uses this for.) I used the little sandpaper attachment, and also the little wired circle looking thingy. πŸ˜‰ I used the sandpaper on the bottom of the jeans and the wire for the “face” of the hem. (In an up and down motion.)

Anyway, I was super happy with how they turned out!! A few washes and I think they will be perfect!

So, just wanted to share what I thought was a pretty awesome discovery! πŸ˜‰






4 thoughts on “Distressing Jean Hems

  1. Dremels are primarily used in woodworking and metal work; however, they also make tools to carve pumpkins, trim pet nails, and clean golf clubs. And, apparently, to destress jeans! You’re a genius!

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