Shirring Something

Well, I can see I’ve found a new fun sewing goody, shirring!! I’ve done smocking before, but just by gathering rows of fabric. Shirring uses elastic to smock and give the fabric some stretch.

So today I made Grace an adorable romper from the girls at Create Kids Couture . They have the best patterns, I love them! I used their pattern to make her dresses but wanted to find a little romper, and this was perfect. I made her a 2T, so it is big on her but at least she has room to grow now. I has no idea how to “shir” but they provided excellent directions and after watching a few YouTube videos I have it a shot! Worked perfectly! And majorly fun! I’m gonna be a “shirring” machine now…what can I “shir” next? Lol!

I’m sure you noticed the same fabric again, but I just love it!! It’s Amy Butler’s lotus line. And I still have enough left to make my bag!! Hehe!!

Here is Miss Grace, in her cowgirl hat. She insisted on wearing it…while repeatedly shouting yee haw!! πŸ˜€






4 thoughts on “Shirring Something

  1. OH….. MY….. GOSH!!! That is the CUTEST little outfit I have ever seen!!! Haha!! Really, though! Just ADORABLE!!! And such cute pics! I’m in love with the shirring and I’m not even the one doing it!!

  2. The romper is absolutely perfect on that adorable child! I love the material and the creative way you used it. Shirring was done so long ago that I have not seen it done in years, and this is totally new and fresh! Great work!

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