Mother’s Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It was a great day at our house. Spent the day at church, home relaxing and visiting the in laws. The “kids” got me a gift certificate to my favorite sewing store and I didn’t let that burn a hole in my pocket…I went and used it yesterday already! 😉

This year I was able to make my gifts for everyone which was really fun! Only I wish I would have started a little earlier than the week before! But that’s how I roll! Ha!

So, I made my mom a bag. Pretty stinkin similar to ones I’ve made already , but I did try and switch it up a little bit!

I also gave my step mom the same bag, only smaller.

I made my aunt an apron.

And I made my mother in law a kindle cover.

I also made Grace a dress to wear on mothers day (nightmare dress, as my serger at a hole in the bodice, but I was able to just add a sash and all was good!) …needless to say I was busy sewing ALL week. But I love it!!






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