A FANTASTIC Zipper Tutorial

Really quick first, a little update on what I’ve been sewing….

I have actually been really busy sewing, but it’s kind of been more of the same so I haven’t blogged about it! I’ve been trying to stock pile some Buttercup Bags, in hopes of doing a little craft show this fall. 🙂 I also broke down and finally made the larger version of the Buttercup bag, and it’s equally as cute! (remember, the smaller Buttercup bag can be found for FREE here)

The larger version of the Buttercup Bag. Made for my cousin Kim. ❤

Don’t you just love that fabric?? I absolutely am in love with it, considering I’ve made several of these exact bags! Ha! If ya’ll are interested in getting your hands on this fabric, I bought it from here, it’s called Large Poppies, in Teal.  I have bought from Hawthorne Threads quite a few times and they have been wonderful to deal with. 🙂 They are currently out of stock on this fabric…I might be responsible for that! 😉

So, this week I’m keeping myself busy with quite a few new projects that I will blog about next week, AFTER Mother’s Day. Hehe!!

BUT, what I really wanted to blog about was this COMPLETELY AWESOME  zipper tutorial that I found! Seriously folks, if you have been hesitant to sew a zipper, don’t be!! Her tutorial is BRILLIANT, and like nothing I have yet come across. She has a great way of doing it, and the end result is a perfectly installed zipper. Trust me, you can do it! I will be putting zippered pockets in most bags from now on, it’s that easy! 🙂 Hope you check it out and give it a try!! It’s worth your time, I promise.

Alrighty, hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day! ❤

See you next week!


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