Little Hipster

Okay, I’m not totally done with this little number yet, but I was too excited not to share what I’ve done so far. It’s just the cutest pattern ever!! I found it over on There is a peasant dress, wide leg ruffle pants and an apron. I haven’t done the apron yet. Hopefully I’ll get to it tomorrow, but poor miss Grace isn’t feeling well, so I may not. Anyway, I’d love to make these as gifts because they are just too cute!! They took quite abut of fabric though. Oh!!!! And Miss Grace hid one of the ruffle’s for the pant leg in the garbage!! Took me around 45 minutes to find the sucker!! Those ruffles on the pants are made of 22 separate panels, so to say the least it was quite time consuming! I was NOT about to start over! Little sinker!! 😉

Also, I’m definitely going to have to get a serger! I did my best to finish the raw edges with the sewing machine, using the wide zig zag…but A. It’s time consuming and B. it’s just not as good. 😦

So, need to research sergers because the only one I ever see is the same old Singer. Maybe it’s fine, but a girl needs some options! 😉

Okay, thanks for checkin out my latest project. 🙂 It was my favorite I’ve done by far!








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