Old shirts…new leggings

Got this idea from I blog I follow. Super duper easy idea! These were a little more difficult for me, because the fabric kept sticking together making it, well, just annoying. I tried to add some little lace ruffles too, which are pretty cute. Frilly cute, right? ;)

I have quite a few old shirts I’m going to make her some leggings with…to me, a girl can never have to many leggings. Well, let me rephrase that….THIS girl, one pair of leggings would be too many. But for my sweet almost 2o month old girl…she can never have too many! ;)

Oh…the bears blanket…I’m really dragging on that! I just don’t know how I’m going to do it yet, so I keep putting it off! I wanted to get something to edge it with to make it a little more special for him, instead of just a plain ole blanket. ;)  I’m still thinking on that one….


Little Legs :)

Sittin' with Mommy

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