Button hole, Button hole…you have been conquered!!

Okay…I’m pretty excited right now. I have to say. I was trying to find a knot dress pattern to download this morning and couldn’t really find one I liked. SO, I thought I’ll give it a try with out a pattern! And it worked…it’s too big, but wearable! I wanted it a little bigger so she could wear it through the summer. (Sometimes I forgot its only the beginning of April) 

Okay, here is a biggie folks…I got to make a coupe of button holes!! The fancy schmancy maching made it pretty easy..ONCE I figured out what I was doing!! Basically, I was trying to do too much..the machine does all the work! Anyway, finally got the button holes in! That certainly is a handy little feature!! How does one go about sewing a button hole otherwise? Hmm..

Anyway, I already bought her an Easter dress, but I just might have to let her wear this one for Easter…it’s very springy!! The fabric I just got from Wally, but now that I feel a little more capable of making a dress, I wanna go get some Amy Butler fabric. I’m sooo excited that the little sewing store over in Morris SELLS Amy Butler fabric…you can’t find that stuff anywhere! Gonna have to make my way over there later this week! 

Okay, people may be wondering…”I swore this lady said she had a son”.. and I do! A fantastic son!! Who is being so patient waiting for me to make him something! Poor thing! I did buy him some Bears fleece so that is my NEXT project!! Making him a blanket! Should be easy enough…should be! 😉 

Okay, here is my little model!! She doesn’t do a whole lot of “workin it”….but we’re getting there! 😉



One thought on “Button hole, Button hole…you have been conquered!!

  1. O, Nichole, I LOVE this dress!! I hadn’t seen the back… just adorable! And so unique!! I also got a huge kick out of you saying, “I swore this lady said she had a son.” Haha!!! Austin will love his blanket!! We’re much more limited when it comes to boys clothing styles 😦 But I’m sure you can make him some cool shirts/shorts for summer too! I’m just amazed at how these clothes don’t have that ‘homemade’ look to them… just darling!

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