First dress for Grace

My little go go girl!! This was supposed to be a dress, but mommy made it way to short! 😉 I tried to make a dress for her by measuring off of one of her tank tops. It went OK, but not smooth! The hole for her head to slip through was too small, so I had to do some adjustments to the back, but I’m actually happy with how that part turned out!! It’s still way too small though, but she can wear it for a shirt with leggings I guess!

The really funny thing about this dress, is I saw a dress on pinterest that I intended on making. I loved it! This is NOT the dress!! I don’t know if it linked me to the wrong dress or what. It’s still cute, but not what I wanted! And I didn’t even notice until I got half way done cutting out my pattern that it was a different dress! Must be careful from now on..and perhaps pay attention! Haha!! Sorry these aren’t be best pics, but little miss thang wouldn’t sit still! Didn’t help that brother was blowing bubbles!! ❤





2 thoughts on “First dress for Grace

  1. really cute! i always make the sleeve openings too small. make one or two more, then come over and show me how to make sleeves! 🙂 (and collars)

  2. Darling, Nichole!!! How ingenious of you to figure out how to fix the neckline in the back… so cute!! Doesn’t even look home-made! Keep it up! Can’t wait to see what else you make!!

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