Bubble Puppy!

I’ve been itching to get back at the sewin machine but just haven’t made the time. It’s been soooo nice out that we have all been enjoying the outdoors!

But today as I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, I saw something that caught my eye. First I need to admit that I follow the Bubble Guppies. I know, very lame. 😉 But my daughter LOVES them and they have some pretty cute ideas every once and a while. Anyway, someone posted a felt bubble puppy that they made and it was cute. You can find it here here. This project was a no sew felt puppy, but I thought with a few changes I could sew her one and it would last longer. I also enlarged it some to give it a little more “oomf”! I used an old white sheet for the body instead of the felt, so hopefully that will help it last a little longer. Although I’m quite certain Grace will have a field day with the fuzzy felt…she likes to eat fuzz! :/ It’ll be interesting to see what Bubble Puppy looks like after a while! Ha!

So, I got my sewing fix in!! Hopefully this week I’ll get into the sewing store and try out those fancy schmancy sewing machines. 😀

Here’s my little puppy..




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