The Rachel Bag


Well, it’s been a little bit since I last posted. Reason being, it’s been a bit since I last sewed. Only around a week, but I really missed it! Mom came in for the week to help me paint…which is super awesome. We painted our downstairs, no more BLUE walls! 😀 So, needless to say, we were a little preoccupied with that last week. 

So, today was my first free day after painting. Well, not technically, we are painting the bedroom now…but that’s a work in progress. Anyway…after some serious cleaning this morning, (my house was a sty) I had this afternoon to sew. I finally got to do the bag I’ve been waiting for.  ImageWITH a ZIPPER pocket mind you!! Watching the videos helped a lot!! I am really happy with how it turned out. It’s the perfect size.Image




Quite a bit bigger than the purses I was making previously, but not too huge. I really can’t say enough about the website I bought the pattern from, this woman is amazing! Her patterns are great and very easy to follow for a beginner. I had no problem following her directions for putting the zipper in. I even used my silly zipper foot. (still not a fan) So, I think I’m actually going to use this bag!! I love it that much!! 

Now, on to my next obsession of sorts. I’ve already been taking apart things around the house I don’t use or wear anymore to make new things with. (just ask my mom..she got cold in the night and went to grab a new blanket. She was a little suprised to see purse shaped holes cut out of it! lol) Well, I see there is a name for this!! I have been refashioning items! 😉 Well, I found an awesome blog on pinterest. This woman rocks. She repurposes anything. From her old clothes, to purses…she finds a new use for everything. I could spend hours reading her blog, well, I have. :/ That’s besides the point…the point is she has given me a ton of great ideas!!  Hopefully, pretty soon, Grace will be wearing an old sun dress of mine, as her new sun dress! 😀



One thought on “The Rachel Bag

  1. O, this is SO CUTE!! Perfect for spring! Love the black polka dot inside!! And the way you tied the handle on the one side with the ring… adorable! I should send you something of mine that you can “refashion” into one of these purses for me! 🙂

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