Zippers are so overrated!

Seriously…I can understand why button fly pants became the rage back in the early 90’s. People were sick of sewing in zippers. Now, the purse I plan on making calls for a zipper pocket. (who needs a zipper pocket anyway) so today I thought I’d give a zipper a whirl on one of Grace’s bibs. ‘Aww, it’ll be cute..she loves to zip and unzip…now she can do it with her bib! She can put little goodies in there, it can hold her paci…all sorts of fabulous ideas.’ I’ll get to use my zipper foot…this will be FUN!!


Must must must watch some zipper movies on YouTube. First…I do not get the zipper foot. I don’t like it in fact. I want my trusty little ‘normal’ presser foot. Second…I believe I was inadvertently trying to sew an invisible zipper. I don’t know what I was doing. I finally gave in once I was ripping yet ANOTHER seam out (pockets are only good if you don’t sew the zipper closed. Which reminds me….why are some pockets on pants sewn closed?!?) Anyway…ripping out the seam and ripped right thru my material!! All done…time to clean the house. It needs it anyway! 😉


Looks like an afternoon of zipper 101 for Nichole!!


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