Bias much?!

Okay, so I’ve been wanting to make the continuos bias tape since I watched the tutorial on YouTube! So thankful for the video on how to because I don’t think I could have managed with out it! It’s pretty confusing at first. Anyway… I used a 10×10 inch piece of fabric for my first attempt. It worked like a charm, and I got 70 inches of bias tape. Pretty good, but not good enough. Each bib I make uses more than that. So, I decided to use a whole yard of fabric to make some tape. HOLY BIAS TAPE BATMAN!!

A.) it took me HOURS to sew, draw my lines, cut and iron.
B.) I now have enough bias tape to make bibs for an entire village of short people.

But, it’s done and I’m actually thrilled to have so much tape in my stash now! And I used white so it’ll go with a lot too, which is better than pink which I almost used instead. :/

Next item to purchase on my list is a bias tape maker. It will save me on the ironing end of things, which is the worst. I rather liked making the continuous bias…the ironing…not so much.

On a side note…I apologize to all my words with friends peeps…this sewing business is really interfering with my game skills. 😉







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