The Mamie Dress, by Children’s Corner – Sew-a-Long at Whimsical Fabric Designs


This pattern is not my typical “go-to” dress pattern. I usually see these with some pretty monogram embroidered on the yolk. So I usually pass them by, for two reasons. I don’t have an embroidery machine, and monograms aren’t really my thing. I like them, I really do. But my daughters initials don’t exactly make a pretty monogram…how’s that for a terrible reason? Anyway, she is big into spelling lately. She wants to spell constantly, so I knew if we put her whole name on there, she would be in love. And I was right! She loves this dress! WE love this dress! It pays to step out of your comfort zone once in a while.


This dress is the next sew~a~long  over at Whimsical Fabric Designs. And including this beautiful fabric combo, you will find 5 gorgeous fabric kits you can choose from to make this darling, timeless dress.

If you haven’t bought a kit from Danielle, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Getting packages from her is like, getting a beautifully wrapped christmas gift. I LOVE getting happy mail from Danielle. Trust me, you will too!! She has the best fabric choices and does a wonderful job of pairing up everything you will need. The fabric and all the trims, plus of course the pattern if you need it!

The sewalong starts Monday, August 17th. Head over to her store and use coupon code SewAlongSavings to save 20% off.

Mamie Mamie3 Mamiesleeve mamieback

Worlds Quickest Review~ The Izzy Top


So yeah…this pattern is free.
In all sizes offered.
And it’s amazing.

The printing, the taping, the cutting, the sewing. All wonderful. And QUICK.

I’m always amazed by people who offer free patterns to us. It feels like a really great gift. I have spent tonight looking at some of her other patterns and will be trying…well, probably all of them.

Check out that metal snap..don’t ya love it? It’s perfect on a Superhero Izzy!


Go right now and download won’t regret it!!

Looking Back…Moving Forward with Purpose

imageI can’t believe 2013 is coming to a close.

It hardly seems possible. Time really does fly.

Celebrated more birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Enjoyed a family vacation to Florida. Said sad goodbyes to loved ones.

Sewed. Sewed a lot. Then sewed some more. Started Full of Grace Boutique.

Enjoyed selling to some really great people. Enjoyed giving even more.

Invested time.

Sweet, precious time.

Looking back, it was a good year. Another year, full of days, that I was blessed to take another breath. To get another good morning kiss from my husband. To see my son, transforming before my very eyes, into a young man. To smell the sweetness of my 3 year old girl, fresh from her bubbly bath. I’m blessed, there is no doubt about it.

Moving forward, full of hope, into 2014. What will it bring? That, I’m not positive. Only God knows. But I am moving forward with a purpose. And that is to invest my time, my precious time, into my faith and family. It’s what I’m called to do. I’m a wife and a mother, before anything else. When my kids think of what is most important to their mom,  I want their answer to be…”ME, I AM!!” Not…”hmm..sewing maybe?”.

I’ve been asking myself, what do they see me do with my time?..Do I turn on the tv? The computer? The sewing machine? My phone?

Or…do I sit and play a game with them. Play dolls with Grace. Do a puzzle with Austin. Read a book to them.

I know the answer…and more times than not, it’s not what I want it to be.

So..I’m moving forward with PURPOSE. Purpose and a lot of PRAYER.

Will I still sew? Of course.

Will it be frequently? Probably not.

Will I still sell? No.

Will I still give? Yes.

Will I ignore any time for myself? Umm no.

Will MOST of my time be spent on my family? Yes. And happily so.

Praying for a purposeful year. A God honoring year. A New Year.

Happy 2014!!

Lalaloopsy Love ~ Peanut Big Top Rag Doll

Peanut Doll

Isn’t she cute?

I’ve been wanting to make Grace a Lalaloopsy doll FOR EV ER. The store bought ones are cute and all, but come on. These are supposed to be RAG DOLLS. Rag dolls are sewn. With love.

So, when I found this adorable doll pattern over at Dolls and Daydreams , I knew it would be perfect!! Her dolls are amazing. Excellent instructions and endless possibilities. With a few minor changes, you can easily make yourself…err, your girl, a Lalaloopsy doll. ;)

Grace loves this doll. It was intended to be a Christmas gift..but I couldn’t resist giving it to her this morning when she woke up. And it was worth it, because she loves it and instantly knew it was Peanut. <3

Peanut 3

Peanut 2

These are perfect gifts, you need to make some. :)

A New Love…Oliver + S Patterns

Apple Shot



Why has it taken me so long to purchase a pattern from O+S?

Don’t you love this dress? Isn’t it amazing? Such a classic look!! I’m totally in love, can you tell?

You know the saying, this isn’t your grandmothers dress…or pattern. (that isn’t a saying?? well, it is now)  WELL…that doesn’t pertain to this pattern.

What am I talking about? Let me clarify. This pattern is so well written, put together so perfectly, that it would have to get the seal of approval from every seamstress that has been sewing for 70 years. There’s no short cuts here folks. It’s a labor of love, and it is well worth it!!


This is the School Photo Dress. (hence the red apple…cute eh?)

It has a  fully lined, a-line body.

Very retro above the knee length.

It features a perfect little “hidden pocket” on the front seams. Perfect for toting around your favorite

Lalaloopsy dolls.

Bias bound 3/4 length sleeves. (few different options)

Dainty ruffle neckline, shown here. (again, another option for neckline as well)

Fully hidden zipper in back of dress. You will not find better zip instructions, I promise.

So….I took about 200 pictures of her today in this dress…because as I mentioned, I love it.

Here are a few!!

Pocket Shot

Great little pocket shot!!


Classic dress, and super comfortable!

Pocket Tacking

Tacking at pockets for extra support. Cute little bias bound sleeves.

Sky is the limit

What’s up there?? The cute dress is down here!!

BAck of

Invisible Zip!!


Another zip shot!

Love that neckline!! And that face..isn’t it adorable?? :)


So, I’m here to say, if you haven’t tried any O+S patterns, yet…get on it. You won’t regret it!!










So…what are your thoughts on this cute little trend? I can’t decide to be honest. I love the idea of bringing life to a plain old tshirt. I love that my daughter loves her new Lalaloopsy dress. I don’t generally love character print anything. Here in lies my dilemma. Ha!

I think I need to go find some really vintage shirts and try again. But I think the real draw of these dresses are the familiar prints the kids love.


So…do you all love these? Hate these? Could care less about these? Would like to see them for sale?

Let me know!!


DIY Boot Cuffs

Boot Warmers


Can you take the cuteness of these little legs wearing these warm and fuzzy boot warmers?? If you have an old sweater..(I happened to have one that might have been a little too small…boo) then you can make these!! Just a few steps and some very basic sewing!


1. Cut off the sleeves, using the cuff of the sleeve for the top of the warmer.

2. Fold the sweater under where you just cut, and zig zag stitch that puppy down. Or else it will unravel you won’t have a boot cuff for very long. ;)

3. Sew your favorite button on.

4. Slap on your favorite boots (or your girls) and TADA!! You look amazing.


I used a small sweater, so I didn’t have to adjust the fit at all. They fit my 3 year old legs perfectly. Larger sweaters would be perfect for mom. I’m making myself some next.


Also…if this is just too much for you to tackle….in other words you don’t have a sewing machine, I am going to be listing some super cute boot cuffs in my Etsy shop soon too!  They won’t be recycled, but they will be completely adorable, affordable, cuteness for your bootness. Hehe.

Here is a sneak peak..

Boot Cuffs for Sale


I’ll have some to match items in my shop, and some just for every day…navy, mustard, ivory, black, grey. :)

Happy Fall ya’ll!!